Under Cover

Under Cover

Adjective an undercover operation to infiltrate the terrorist organization for months she's been an undercover agent pretending to be a drug dealer Noun within the city was a well-organized fifth column, and these undercovers would make themselves known as .

under cover of. Also, under the cover of. Hidden or protected by, as in They sneaked out under cover of darkness, or, as it was put in a sermon in "Presumption which loves to conceal itself under the cover of humility" (John Jortin, Sermons on Different Subjects).

Define undercover. undercover synonyms, undercover pronunciation, undercover translation, English dictionary definition of undercover. adj. 1. Conducted in secret or through the use of subterfuge, as in a police investigation or in spying: an undercover investigation. 2. Engaged or employed.

Undercover definition is - acting or executed in secret; specifically: employed or engaged in spying or secret investigation. How to use undercover in a sentence.

under cover With one's true identity being kept a secret. Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. Under cover of darkness, the thieves entered the orchard and stole as much fruit as they could carry. Tabloids often publish false or misleading stories they say are based on testimony of sources who are "under cover of anonymity," which is really.

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  1.  · Undercover: With Tom Waes, Frank Lammers, Manou Kersting, Anna Drijver. Inspired by real events, undercover agents infiltrate a drug kingpin's operation by posing as a couple at the campground where he spends his weekends/10(K).

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